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Iwata IS-50 Silver Jet Air Compressor
Iwata IS-50 Silver Jet Air Compressor
5 stars out of 5 (Rating: 5)
Sales price: $156.95

Powerful, reliable and quiet, the Silver Jet is a single-piston, light-duty compressor.  This unit is perfect for cosmetics, tanning, hobbies/models, fingernail painting, bakery and general airbrushing. The Silver Jet includes a coiled airhose,  pressure adjustable knob, airbrush holder, pressure gauge and airhose connector.



    * Intergrated Airbrush Holder
    * Carrying Handle
    * Durable Metal Cabinet
    * On/Off Switch
    * No maintenance, oil-less piston motor
    * Coiled Air Hose
    * Adjustable pressure knob


Technical Specifications:

    * HP: 1/10 HP
    * PSI: 10-18 PSI _Max Pressure_
    * Air Flow: .33 CFM _ Open Flow
    * Weight: 8 lbs

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Monday, 30 November -0001
AWESOME! Stays so quiet while working and gives steady and consistent air flow. Essential Art Products is so knowledgeable about the products they sell they've been a huge help. Thank you!
ronald weaver

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