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Iwata Eclipse G6 Airbrush / Mini Spray Gun
Iwata Eclipse G6 Airbrush / Mini Spray Gun
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Don't be fooled by the diminutive appearance of this "pint sized" spray gun. The Eclipse G6 airbrush sprays and performs as well as it's larger cousins, yet it requires no more psi and cfm than a conventional airbrush.  This means the Eclipse G6 with can be used with almost any airbrush compressor!


•Equipped with an elongated, tapered needle and a 0.6-mm stainless-steel nozzle which allows the user to easily change the spray pattern from fine to wide.

•Round as well as oval spray patterns can be achieved because the G6 eclipse has a multi-purpose fan adjustment valve and air cap.

•The Eclipse G6 comes equipped with a unique attachment which allows the spray gun to be used as a top-feed color cup or bottom-feed gun with a variety of standard sizes of airbrush jars or bottles for multiple color applications.

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