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EAP proudly offers high quality carving and cutting tools for all  printmaking projects!  Unique  linoleum cutter sets feature a quick release system that makes changing cutter blades a breeze.  Also available is the traditional Linoleum Cutter Set with a very comfortable wood handle.   The inking plate/ bench hook is powder coated then painted to resist rust and corrosion.

Simple, easy to use effective teaching tools!


Printmaking Tools

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Lino Cutting Tools
Rating: Not Rated Yet

Lino Cutters are made from high carbon steel and ground to an optimum angle

Sales price: $6.90
Printmaking bench hook
Rating: Not Rated Yet

All metal plate features a liped design to fit over a desk or table edge

Sales price: $6.99
Lino Cutting Tools
Rating: Not Rated Yet

Set includes 5 Lino Cutters

Sales price: $11.95
Linoleum Cutting Tool
0 stars out of 5 (4/5)

Set includes 2 of the most popular Lino Cutters

Sales price: $7.99
art foam tools
0 stars out of 5 (5/5)

A set of 4 Wooden Tools used to create unique impressions on Foam Printing Plates

Sales price: $2.29

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